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Photograpy 101 – Home


I am working on a photo a day challenge on my blog. My goal is to improve my photography skills as well as my blogging experience.

My first assignment was to take a photo of what home means to me. I took this photo using a Canon Rebel DSLR camera on the “P” setting with no flash.

This photo represents where I spend my time with my family is inside of this house. We make many memories here and we enjoy living in a neighborhood.

Feel free to ask questions or give suggestions on how I can improve this photo.



3 thoughts on “Photograpy 101 – Home

  1. First of all, I must say I am very jealous of your beautiful home! Now I’m just gonna say a bit about improving the photo. If the camera is new to you, if it is your first DSLR, using the Program (P) setting is okay but try and stop using it ASAP. You don’t have to jump to Manual (M) right away, I started there but I’m guilty of being lazy when it comes to really learning how to use my camera so currently I use Aperture Priority (AV). Your photo, due to using Program, is over exposed, the sky is too white and has no depth at all. Aperture Priority will make sure it is not over exposed, although you must make sure you pay attention to your iSO as well. I am slowly trying to work my way back to Manual but for now Aperture Priority is kind of like a middle ground and I recommend it. Understanding how Shutter Speed and Aperture size work together is extremely confusing for me so that’s something I don’t have to worry about on Aperture Priority but is something I need to learn.
    That’s the only criticism I have and I hope it helps! I’m still learning myself (I’m always so lazy when it comes to learning the technical side of things but if I want to be an animal photography I really gotta get learning!) so don’t worry too much but try and get off of using Program quickly, you’ll definitely see your pictures getting better. Keep your aperture setting between the left number one and the zero, it’s better to have it under exposed than over exposed because having it under exposed can always be fixed in editing. That was a very long comment but I wanted to help and I hope I did! πŸ™‚

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  2. I’m happy that Nicole was able to give an answer that addressed camera settings. I mostly just shoot on auto with my Pentax or just stick to a cell phone. When I feel crazy I try all the buttons, but mostly, yea, just auto.

    What I do have experience with is working with what you’ve got. Most computers and phones have basic photo editing. When you see that the sky is blown out like that, but you otherwise like the photograph it’s still possible to save the picture. For example, here, you could crop down to focus on the front door. Or you could use a black & white filter to disguise how the sky came out and also make the home look very sophisticated and classic.

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