Today’s assignment was to use our DSLR camera and to take a picture as a wide shot. We needed to create a focal point. We had to make sure we zoomed out and not in. This was hard for me. I automatically want to adjust my lens.  I used the P Setting again. But, now I will try AV for the water shot.  I did take a few photos of the small town where I live.


I like this photo above. I took it after I voted today around 8:50 am. This is a street I drive every morning. I wished I took this in the Fall when there are leaves on the trees. Just imagine the trees with leaves.


The picture above was also taken in the morning around 9:00 am. This is our Main Street. It is definitely one of my favorite pictures. Our Main Street is always busy during the day. Unfortunately, when I took this photo, it was quiet.

I really appreciate any comments or suggestions. Thank you so much for your great tips!




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