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Connection is very important. Everyone wants to feel connected. It seems that now we are more connected than every by the use of electronics, such as cell phones, iPads, tablets, etc. Furthermore, texting has become more popular than emailing.

Connection - birthday cards
Birthday cards seem to be less and less nowadays.

It is rare now to get a birthday card. More people are wishing people Happy Birthday either via text, Facebook or other social media, etc. I do not even get phone calls on my birthday anymore.

Other ways people connect is through family vacations. Many people set aside a week to spend time as a family due to busy lifestyles.

What are ways you connect?



5 thoughts on “Connect & Tags

  1. I still believe in a good old fashion birthday card, but I know what you are saying people are now sending best wishes in text messages or social media. I hope you have a wonderful birthday celebration! Love and hugs from your blogger friend:)


  2. You are so right… the card industry must be suffering from the advent of online greetings. It’s a shame really as it’s such a pleasure to open envelopes on your birthday! Lovely photo….


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