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Day 10: Mystery & Lighting Effects

This was a fun assignment. Today we were to use light to cast shadows and highlights to create mood. We were to work with natural light or artificial light. We were to also cause mystery. So this first set of photos was to demonstrate mystery where my image is showing what is he looking at?

Now, I took a flashlight and shined it upon different parts of my flowers blooming. I hope you like these.

Day 10 Lighting effects with flower bulbs
Day 10: Lighting Effects.

Above, I used a flashlight to cause a shadow on the bulb on the upper right. You can also see its shadow. I really enjoyed this photo.

Day 10 lighting effects
Day 10: Artificial light from flashlight.

Here the flashlight is shown above the bulb.

It was fun creating artificial light at sunset and it shows how it can change a photo.

What do you think?



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