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Crock Pot Chicken Taco Chili

I am always on a quest to find new recipes. It is hard to find a good recipe online. I tend to get my recipes from friends. I was working on my meal plan on Sunday and stumbled across this recipe in a Facebook group I am in. Someone posted this recipe, and it looked easy… Continue reading Crock Pot Chicken Taco Chili

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Day 10: Mystery & Lighting Effects

This was a fun assignment. Today we were to use light to cast shadows and highlights to create mood. We were to work with natural light or artificial light. We were to also cause mystery. So this first set of photos was to demonstrate mystery where my image is showing what is he looking at?… Continue reading Day 10: Mystery & Lighting Effects

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Day 9: Warmth & the Quality of Light

Day 9 was definitely hard. I had to wait for a cloudy day. Of course,  it was a very windy day where the gusts were 50 mph!!! My challenge was to experiment with direction and quality of light. I had to look for front light and side light. Here is my front light: I then… Continue reading Day 9: Warmth & the Quality of Light

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Connect & Tags

Connection is very important. Everyone wants to feel connected. It seems that now we are more connected than every by the use of electronics, such as cell phones, iPads, tablets, etc. Furthermore, texting has become more popular than emailing. It is rare now to get a birthday card. More people are wishing people Happy Birthday… Continue reading Connect & Tags